Gmail made simple and speedy

Turn Gmail into a social feed and cruise through your email faster.

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Power through your unreads

Scroll to read your email, just like you do on Instagram. When you scroll past a message, gfeed will mark it as read.

"It's like magic. About 90% of my inbox is stuff that I just wanted to see for a moment. This is perfect. I look at a message, and then it goes away." -Bill Z.

Organize on the fly

Like to "folderize" your email? gfeed makes it easy to stash your emails so you can find them later.

"I like keeping my life organized--I'm as organized as the period table. And gfeed makes it a snap to keep my email in order." -Genevieve M.

Privacy matters

gfeed puts you in control of your privacy with options to purge your information from gfeed's servers at the touch of a button.


"Each email message reduced to the basics.... That’s about all there is to Gfeed and, really, that’s all it needs to be. You surely have other tools to manage a busy mailbox. This isn’t meant to be one of them. Instead, it’s a mail-reading tool for people who have a lot of demands on their time."

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I can't believe how much I love flipping through my email this way!

--- Amanda J.

I can get through my email 2-3x faster. It's just better. Why didn't someone come out with this years ago?

--- Erik S.

This app is just easy. It doesn't ask you to replace what you are already using. It isn't some new "system". It's just an easier way to look at your email.

--- Cynthia T.

I can use this app, and no one will know that I'm just a dog.

--- Archibald D.



Is it Really faster?

Yeah. Way faster. You'll be amazed at how much faster you can sort through your email. You'll get to what's important faster. We studied how people use their email and found that people scroll through their email a lot. So we turned scrolling into part of how you prioritize. And it works amazingly well.

Will this work with my current email provider?

Right now, this only works with Gmail accounts. What's neat is that you can keep using the the Gmail desktop, and even mobile products that you are already familiar with. They all work happily together.

Can I use gfeed on my desktop browser?

Nope. What we've found is that people often save their big, heavy responses for their large screen experience. This app is really designed to help you power through your lightweight emails while on the go.

I've heard that gfeed opens by showing my unread emails. What if I have a lot of unreads? Like, really a lot?

We had some customers with freakishly large unread counts so we developed some options. gfeed's settings let you customize what's in your home feed, so you can focus on getting through just your important unreads, or just your personal unreads. We even have an option to just ignore your really old unreads that you are unlikely to ever dust off.